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Instant Impact! 5.40 offers many enhancements and valuable features to an already impressive program.  Here is an overview of what version 5.40 has to offer:

Quick Tip Video Tutorials included!

Based on frequently asked questions and items from our Essentials training classes, we have put together a comprehensive list of basic and advanced online video tutorials. The HOT TOPICS in the program has been updated to include both HELP links and links directly to the new quick tip video tutorials. You can view the HOT TOPICS page from the Main Screen of the program and view the tutorials at your leisure!

Click Here to view the Quick Tip Video Tutorials first hand.

Instant Flyers™ is included

Now you have access to over 100 professional flyers, postcards, door hangers and other promotional materials! You can save flyers in a variety of formats, make PDF’s to print at Kinko’s®, email them, the list goes on and on. Our poweful flyer program is now fully integrated! Save money on outsourcing by creating and printing your own promotional materials.

Email Merge with IMAGES in IPWord!

Formerly only available in Instant Impact! GOLD, now you can email a letter that you have created in IPWord to your records with IMAGES! As long as you have email addresses for your contacts, save money on postage! Customize a message and hit your target the first time!

Improved Farm Loading & Viewing!

Now you can double-click on an .IPI or .MDX farm to load it into version 5.40! Farms will automatically be LOADED to the correct location, and if the program is not running, will ask if you want to VIEW the farm as well! It is effortless - double-click on the .IPI or .MDX file you receive from your Title Company, no 'Load Farm from Disk' necessary!

  Import Wizard Improvements!

Data handling has been improved! We have included a new template and instructions for importing data exported from Top Producer® 8i. Use the new Import Wizard to bring in data from a large number of sources including Act!, Top Producer and others! Need help? Select the template you want to use and click on the HELP button - it will launch the HELP that is SPECIFIC to that template!

  Scheduler Enhancements!

We've improved the handling for appointments to eliminate conflicts. There is also a new AUDIO ALERT to go along with the popup window for ALARMS that makes it easy to remember those important reminders!

  Instant Backup Updated!

There is better file extension handling in the updated Instant Backup feature that makes for a more robust archive. Modifications have also increased the efficiency of the process as well, which has made the archive process much faster as a result.

Convinced? Click Here to download Instant Impact! 5.40

For more information on using any of the new functions listed above or any functions included in Instant Impact! 5.40, please refer to the QUICK TIP VIDEO TUTORIALS or the online HELP system included with the program.



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